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Key Takeaways

  • Renault Trucks is leading the charge in decarbonizing road transport.


  • Their web series, “The Good Move,” showcases innovative solutions and a commitment to a sustainable future.


  • The series features insights from industry experts and Renault Trucks employees.

The Good Move: Decarbonizing Transport with Renault Trucks

In an era where climate change is a pressing global issue, the role of major industries in mitigating its effects cannot be overstated. One such industry is road transport, a vital cog in the global economy yet a significant contributor to carbon emissions. This is where Renault Trucks steps in with its groundbreaking web series, “The Good Move,” a testament to their commitment to decarbonizing transport.

The Urgency of Decarbonization

Road transport is essential for our societies, but it also accounts for a substantial part of the European Union’s carbon footprint. Recognizing this, Renault Trucks has taken a proactive approach to address global warming. Their initiative is not just about reducing emissions but transforming the very fabric of the industry.

A Shift Towards Electric Power

Renault Trucks has made a decisive shift towards electric power, questioning traditional business models and focusing on sustainable transport solutions. Their strategy includes:

  • Marketing only those transport solutions that help reduce carbon emissions.


  • Continuously improving the fuel efficiency of combustion engines.


  • Offering a diverse range of electric vehicles, from cargo bikes to heavy trucks.

Beyond Just Selling Trucks

The company’s vision extends beyond merely selling new trucks. They are:

  • Reconditioning and regenerating trucks after their first life.


  • Reinventing logistics flow management with a focus on multimodal solutions.


  • Integrating digital tools for efficient goods sharing and tracking.

Collective Action and Innovation

“The Good Move” is more than a web series; it’s a platform for collective action. It brings together:

  • Testimonials from experts like battery recycling professionals, urban logistics specialists, and climate scientists.


  • Insights from Renault Trucks employees who are at the forefront of this transformation.


  • A shared vision for a sustainable future that calls for collective efforts and innovation.

The Web Series Format

The magazine format of the series provides an engaging way to explore these themes. It’s not just about presenting facts; it’s about storytelling that resonates with the audience and inspires action.

It Starts Now!

The first episode of “The Good Move” premiered on November 8th, marking the beginning of a journey towards a more sustainable future in road transport.


Renault Trucks’ “The Good Move” is more than just a web series; it’s a clarion call for the industry and society at large. It’s about taking responsibility, embracing innovation, and working together for a sustainable future. As we watch this series unfold, let’s be inspired to join this movement and contribute to a greener, cleaner world.

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