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Picture a business vehicle that not only just boosts your company’s progress but also drives the industry towards a sustainable future. That’s what the Renault Trucks E Tech Trafic delivers. This innovative electric vehicle (EV) shines in the evolving realm of transport options, with its exceptional design, advanced technology, and dedication to environmental friendliness.

Product Specifications and Key Features

Here’s a detailed look at the specifications and key features of the Renault Trucks E-Tech Trafic:



Battery Capacity

52 kWh


Up to 394 km (urban cycle), 297 km (WLTP combined)

Charging Time

15% to 80% in 50 minutes (DC fast charger)


Up to 1.16 tons

Volume Capacity

Up to 14 m³ (with Platform cab, Luton body)

Motor Power

Robust electric motor with excellent torque

Technological Features

Regenerative braking, smart connectivity, advanced driver-assist systems

Energy Consumption

18.7 kWh per 100 km (WLPT cycle)


8 years or 160,000 km for batteries


The E Tech Trafic is built to effortlessly manage loads with a payload capacity of up to 1.16 tons and a volume capacity of 14 m³, depending on the setup. Its electric motor doesn’t just offer power; it also provides a responsive driving experience that’s perfect for urban logistics.

Technological Innovations

The E Tech Trafic is packed with cutting-edge technology, from braking systems that save energy when you stop to connectivity features that help you stay updated on the vehicle’s performance and requirements. Additionally, driver- assist technologies ensure easy navigation through bustling city streets.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Emission Reduction

By choosing the E-Tech Trafic, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, thanks to zero tailpipe emissions. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas with strict Low Emission Zones (LEZ).

Energy Efficiency

The E-Tech Trafic’s electric powertrain is not only cleaner but also far more efficient than traditional diesel engines, consuming just 18.7 kWh per 100 km.

Corporate Responsibility

Renaults strong commitment to sustainability is evident through their adherence to eco-friendly methods and their goals to decrease operational emissions throughout their product lineup.


Economic Benefits for Businesses

Cost Savings

Electric Vehicles, such as the E Tech Trafic, have the potential to significantly cut down on expenses related to fuel and upkeep. Moreover, companies could qualify for rewards by embracing environmentally friendly technologies.

Operational Efficiency

The E Tech Trafic enhances efficiency by reducing downtime and maintenance requirements with its electric powertrain that has fewer components.

Real-World Applications

Case Studies

Numerous companies, throughout Europe are already experiencing the advantages of incorporating the E Tech Trafic into their vehicle fleets observing enhancements in productivity and decreases, in expenses.

Urban Logistics

The E Tech Trafic is perfect for city settings with its functionality and zero emissions, granting entry to restricted areas and running smoothly at any time without causing noise disturbances.


The Renault Trucks E Tech Trafic isn’t any vehicle; it’s a player, in shaping the future of environmentally friendly commercial transportation. With its cutting edge functionalities, cost advantages and dedicated commitment to sustainability it offers an option for businesses aiming to create change and lessen their ecological footprint. Interested, in transforming your fleet? Reach out to Renault Trucks now. Embrace the era of transportation.

Future Outlook

The rising need, for commercial transportation options is driving Renault Trucks to stay ahead of the game with advancements such as the E Tech Trafic setting the stage for a more eco-friendly and productive future, in the field of logistics.